Monday, February 1, 2010

Glog- Physics of Basketball

(I am also doing an xtranormal video)


  1. You did a fine job making your glob easier to understand with the use of FBD, pictures and graphs. However, I believe you could've been more precise and clear with your explanation of question 1. For a start, you could state what Newton's first law is. How does the ball's motion reflect on the concept that it will not change its velocity until unbalanced forces act on the ball. You mentioned the different forces that act on the ball, which is excellent but the most important idea is that the forces are not balanced and thus causing the velocity of the ball to change.
    You answer to question 2 was interesting. It's something I haven't actually thought about! Good job overall!

  2. I didn't realize Sarah Palin was so smart, though your video was very good and informative, it might have helped if you actually stated newton's law. But overall a very good explantion of the physics of a basketball!