Sunday, January 10, 2010

Newtons Second Law!!

Part A
Q1. This is what i have learned about Newtons Second Law.  I learned the equation: Ef=ma, which is very helpful. I learned that the acceleration of an object is proportional to the net force and inversely proportional to the mass of an object, and the direction of an object is the same as the direction of the acceleration. Newtons Second Law links the cause (force) and the effect (acceleration) in a definite way.

Q2. What i have found difficult about what i have studied is being able to break down the problem and draw a FBD. To me, once you have drawn a FBD correctly, it is very easy to solve a problem. But sometimes i have trouble drawing a correct FBD because there are so many parts to a problem and i get overwhelmed. I hope I can learn to draw more correct FBD'S.

Q3. My problem solving skills are weaker than they should be. Lately i have been doing better in my problem solving skills. A couple of weeks ago, i would see a difficult problem and just not even try it. I would just look at it. Lately i have been able to get through many problems by breaking them step by step. I find the tactic very easy and helpful. My strengths are the algebraic parts of the problems. Once the FBD is drown and i can gather all of the data, I am good at setting up the equation for the sum force and solving for the unknown variable.

Part B.
Q1. There are many ways you can use what we have learned in Newton's Second Law in real life situation. Sort of like the problem on our last test, if you needed to find out a certain tension to lift an object off of the ground, we know to find the tension now! If you needed to move something, we now can figure out to amount of force you would need to exert on the object. I hope I will be able to use what we learned in class during real life experiences!


  1. Excellent reflection! Thank you for being transparent in your learning. Transparency is a very good quality!

  2. Great reflection, I especially like the part where you were now able to get through harder problems, which shows optimism and progress. good job!

  3. Great job on your reflection! You described Newton's Second Law very well!

  4. One more thing you might consider (that I just noticed) is fixing some of your grammatical errors. For example, skill should be skills in the first sentence of your answer to question three. Again, great job though!

  5. Great reflection! I agree with everything everyone has said. I also like how the text is easy to read and not hidden.